My Diet Testimony


      Now I have been asked that question many times, and now that I think about it I think then I started this because I wanted People to know that they are not alone. Dieting is something that all Americans face and honestly it does not just affect all Americans any person who has ever had trouble with weight rather it be few pounds or completely overweight it is a problem that faces everyone. Now I am no expert or dietitian and I do not have any fancy degrees to flash in your faces either I am just like you a person who has struggled with their weight for years. That is the main reason why I have chosen to start this blog and I hope that it will help someone someday.

    I have tried all conventional ways to lose weight, you know the ones in talking about, the food pyramid, the Atkins diet, eating Weight Watchers, and do not forget my personal favorite starving yourself to death. Now I know what you are thinking if none of those will work then what is there to try??? Well, I am not an expert as I said above but I do know one thing that is key throughout all diets and that is not every day is for everyone. And I know what you are going to say, then how do I know which diet is best for me? Well that is why I made this blog and why I will do my best post all the information that I can find on any diet that I try or have tried. I am not offering any promises or guarantees that you will lose the weight if you follow my guidelines because it simply is not the case. What I will offer is 100% free information on any diet or any research that I do. I will also offer all of my information in PDF format and is available in text and Word documents. This means you will have access to all the information I have read and I will do so as often and as quickly as possible.

    Weight loss is something that affects us all and in the end only research and proper execution of diet will make it easy for us to lose the weight that we have gained over the years. I will promise one thing for sure though there is NO!!! Possible way to lose weight without a little hard work. Anyone and I do mean anyone who tells you differently is selling something. Because with weight loss there ARE no guarantees. I want to thank you in advance for looking over my blog and for taking the time to read the information and will providing.

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